Vancouver Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Experience

With more than 25 years cleaning carpets in Vancouver WA, we have proven what it takes to give you the best carpet cleaning service available. We’ve learned from experience what Vancouver customers need:

  • Fast drying times with our wet weather
    • Our powerful truck mounted system provides the industries quickest drying times
  • Trust in the technicians
    • We understand being in your home is a privilege and we treat it as such
  • Timeliness
    • Your life is busy – we understand that. We do everything possible to be on-time or early for every appointment
  • Safety
    • You, your kids, and your pets all love to be on your carpet, and we understand that having a cleaning process that is safe for you and the environment is important.

The Cleaning Process

First we use superheated water mixed with an environmentally friendly cleaning solution and apply it into your carpet. Then our rotating cleaning tool spins to loosen and lift dirt, soil, bacteria, and stains from the carpet. The tool finishes by sucking it back into our system for safe disposal. Our drying times are industry leading because 95 percent of the moisture is suctioned out of the carpet. This allows you to get back to enjoying your rugs as soon as possible.

Carpet Cleaning EXPERTS

Having so many years of experience helps us understand that every carpet cleaning situation is unique. So we start our carpet cleaning service examining your carpet to identify high priority areas.

Post Cleaning Care

Our state-of-the-art equipment uses powerful cleaning technology to remove most of the moisture from your carpet. This process helps your carpet to dry quickly and allows you to walk on it right away – just make sure you take your shoes off. Using fans or the air conditioner can further reduce drying times. Please be careful when walking from potentially damp carpet to hard slick surfaces.

We are happy to move most furniture and replace it with protective blocks to ensure dyes don’t transfer from furniture feet to the carpet. Feel free to remove the blocks when the carpet is 100% dry.


 We offer sanitizer, deodorizer, and protectant  after each cleaning to extend the life of your carpets . We safely apply the protector that builds an invisible barrier around carpet the fibers. This process strengthens the carpets resistance to wear, soiling, and stains.